Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Key words.

I broke the screen of my nokia x6 :| Its cracked coz I stupidly kept it on the desk , quite close to the edge and it fell after a slight touch of my own hand! I'm worse than a diaster to my cell phone. I just can't handle it right , can I ?
My mom said to me that I shouldn't buy cell phone at all. And even when I do - not one costing more than 5k.
Others are making fun too.And I've been laughing along.
But the truth is - I feel very pathetic about it.
My cell's working in parts. Half the touch is working , and the other half is dormant.
That has saved all the tears so far.

Somehow I've also formed a new theory.
My phone was jinxed.
Zee never liked me buying it. She told me I should have got a BB.
And she has been constantly asking me to sell x6. Looks like her wish is soon going to be executed :O

Anyhow..this is certainly not how I would have liked the curtains to drop for this year.I've been tagging it as the worst thing to happen to me.
but  hey..a joke there too. "Not yet...4 more days to go."
Ya right , as if am gonna break it into two pieces.

But ofcourse , there's a point.
4 more days to go.
And a lot can happen.

Rewinding this year minus the 4 days to come.. here's a snapshot of the things I reckon the most , of the lessons I will never quite learn :P

Each word is a key to locked stories which links to other doors.
Its an ocean of flashback for me.
A lot of keys haven't been put in this box. I don't have the energy to edit this now.As simple as that huh


  1. Aww...thats bad!! Hope u will start the day on a fresh note and probably a new phone.

  2. bad is always followed by good things...

  3. i broke the screen of ma lappy :( FIVE frikking grand n im broke- damn sad i dont have a lappy :(

  4. Hey!! after your cell phone story, I have to tell you mine
    Year 2007, I buy an LG Chocolate and forget in an auto rick after 4-5 months of usage. then I buy a cheap samsung phone and put it in the washing machine (it was in my jeans and i did not bother to check)
    Then came even cheaper LG phone.. it lasted for 3-4 months
    On my birthday in 2009, my husband bought me a brand new Nokia 5800... it lasted for 1 year and 6 days
    I again forgot it in the auto rick
    Finally I get a samsung wave and now its 6 months old...
    I think I am jinxed as far as phones are concerned :)
    Enjoy your new year and do not worry :)

  5. i think u shud use a back-strappable mobile communication device which is frequently used in the army. it has been known to survive blasts which are deemed lethal to a normal human being. that thing, by my calculations, has a 45% chance to remain unbroken in its 1st 6 months with u in close proximity all of the time :D

    on a serious and highly irritating optimistic note (dont call me an uncle), take this opportunity to evaluate what is wrong in your mobile life and how u can strengthen this most holy of bonds between a Mobile and a Woman ( Girl, you will be a woman soon ~ Neil Diamond). It takes love, trust and above all, a Mobile Case to have any chance of this relationship to work at all.

    -Moblie Guru


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