Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How to Kill Boredom

Most ridiculous suggestion ever  :


I'll shoot the next person who says that to me.

I've found it funny so far..but now its really getting insulting :-|


  1. I get that all the time too.
    It's quite annoying, I must acknowledge.

  2. I have been through all that and know what, the same people once u get married will tell you to HAVE A BABY.... and the cycle will continue.... so ignore them and do what you feel like doing :) :)

  3. Please follow the following steps to terminate the non-responsive application 'Boredom' :

    1. Press CTRL+ALT+Parents
    2. Select Task Manager
    3. Search for Wish_2_Remain_Single.exe
    4. Right Click and end task
    5. Double Click Marriage.exe
    6. Open Command prompt and generate Kids.xml
    7. Upload the xml file in Family.rtf
    8. In case Boredom.exe is responsive again, Search google for the following keywords - 'Download data-list for Extramarital_Affairs.bin'
    9. Scan the downloaded file alphabetically and use the data in Tales_of_a_happily_married_auntie.jar
    10. Successfully completing the above steps will result in permanent deletion of Boredom.exe

  4. Aayush!!

    LOL! et tu brute ??

    I wish you would have given a set of other commands. I'd be happy with temporary deletion of boredom.exe :D Don't need this permanent solution ;) Coz it might end boredom.exe but it would start another bigger trouble : freedom-ban.exe , cookfoodallday.exe , inlaws.exe :D
    I know you'd counter that with so many other programs :P lol but being unmarried is faaaaaar better!

    haha :D But very creative :) like always ;)
    Original ?
    ( P.S. Shaq nahi hai teri creativity pe :P lol..phir bhi aisi hi puch rahi ho )

  5. surprisingly yes.. it is original..
    being single gives u sucha a lot of time to come up with these pjs...:D


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