Friday, April 8, 2011


I find myself debating  whether it is important to let people close to you   KNOW
how much they mean to you....


will the 'essence' of that relation  drain out ... 
will its importance fade away ...
will it not seem so worth once you establish its worth ?

Why do we have to pay so heavily for priceless relations from our emotional account  ?

Why do the most wonderful equations with the most wonderful people become complex ?
Or are already complex. Right from the beginning!

Ok lets chuck that. Whether it is important to express or not.
What eats me in and out is that - Why do we lose out on the relations we love the most ?
Why do they fall apart ?
Why are they complex ?
Why do you have to let go something you've held so close to you ?

Maybe you can never hold it. Its like sand..the more you try to grip it in your palms..the more it slips away..

Strangely ...there aren't any complications where you least bother ..where it doesn't matter whether you lose out or not. Everything sails smooth.
And even if things don't go well  - it f***king doesn't matter!!
I despise Irony.

I'm robbed.
The engine of my emotion has failed.
I'll earn again.
The engine will be repaired again.
And I'll be robbed again.
The engine will fail again.....


  1. I believe it is okay to let people know how much they matter every once in a while. Not too often though.

    As to why relationships become complex, no one can say for certain. The things that matter the most are the things that we fret we're going to lose. And it is that insecurity that leads to complications. That's what I feel.

    Nice post btw.

  2. I agree with what CR has said above...i hope u dont get robbed again.d

  3. probably sometimes things are just not meant to be... But do not loose heart and believe that whatever happens is for the good.... Cheer up :)

  4. According to Hinduism, all relationships in worldly life are as fleeting as bubbles. They burst faster than they evolve because of false identification with the Self and with selfish expectations from others. Give and take forms the gist of all worldly relationships and that itself becomes the reason for it to fall apart.

    It is difficult to be spiritual about our relationships, when we hold them in high esteem but sometimes, the truth, universal that it is, needs to be understood. Being aware of it helps not to expect more or not to feel badly about relationships that fail. See it as part and parcel of life and of your own emotional growth.


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