Saturday, April 23, 2011

You don't need drugs.

Best company to have when there is no company :

i pod!

> It doesn't bicker
> It doesn't gossip
> It calms you down
> It makes you forget everything else.
> Great booster for brisk walk.
> It channelizes your anger. ( extremely helpful for me :P)
> You listen to it and even when you slip a few words - it never gets mad at you. Also , it replays :P
> It listens to you a way. All of your mental notes.
> Never to get bored of. Never!
> F--k , it makes you happy. Simply! 

:-) Ok I don't even need to mention I'm hyper at the moment :) :D

Three things I'm absolutely lovin right now : 

3G Internet connection ( Finally able to view streaming videos!! Earlier I had to wait a good 10 mins for a 1 min video to buffer :O  )

Nissan micra snazzy car.. love driving it ;-)

Brisk walk with ipod plugged in.

** Someone posted on FB - "You don't need drugs to make you feel  high"
Someone else replied " True. Your dreams are enough"
:-) And I want that feeling. I want that chase.


  1. Don't worry, you will find your poison soon enough :) :)

    and know what... I so want to drive a car but I am moving to sharjah and first I have to get a driving license to drive... I hate UAE laws.... anyways u have fun with ur Micra :) :)

  2. Dont underestimate the power of a well prepared joint.

  3. Good message and lets never underestimate the power of the written word.

  4. I love my 3G too....! And about getting high on dreams... totally worth it and no side effects :P

  5. I liked my Ipod too. Than Itunes said it was too old to receive software updates :P

    You have a Nissan Micra?! Jealous ;)

  6. music or a good company of friends, to get me on a high..
    I also share an awesome relationship with my pod :)



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