Sunday, April 10, 2011

Life's Good when You're 'ME'

Life is certainly good when you're my brother!
The most loved and pampered kid in my family. And not just by parents and sibling...but also equally pampered by all of my extended family. He has this magnetic personality..he draws people towards him and once someone knows him - its hard not to give him any attention.

On the last day of his school ( KG-II :P)  - all the kids were given mementos and he was tagged   
' The Knowledge Bank'
His teacher was all praises for him , saying he is very bright and has so much knowledge apart from what is taught in school.
Now , one of the rare occasions where I fight to take credit is THIS!

Who do you think taught him shapes and colors even before he went to school !?
Who lectured him about pollution and explained terms such as 'oxygen' and 'carbon di-oxide' ?
Who tells him about planets , spacecrafts , rockets , satellite and airplanes ?
Who answers all his doubts ?
Who takes his math test once a week ?
Who taught what multiplication and division means ..already ?
Who helps him write letters ?
Who taught him to see maps ? Who pointed out major locations across globe for him ?
Who does he ask interesting questions ?
Who explained him the difference between 'dreams' and 'imagination' ?
Who does he confide into ?
Who does he share his mischief in school with ?
Who does he talk to about his girlfriends ? :P lol

Agreed he has super genius brain cells , an ever expanding question bank...amazing retaining capacity which is why teaching him different things has been so much fun.Also agreed matter what I teach him...he confirms the same with one of my parents every now and then :P -- But the truth is I've taught and discussed many many things from different topics over the years and my contribution to his knowledge has been immense.Of course , anyone in my place would have done the same. Any of my cousins would have taught him with same enthusiasm.
But since it was Me - I'm to take the credit :P

The best part is his interest and curiosity. You should see the spark in his eyes when you tell him something new which for him is 'out of the world'. I absolutely love to see that! I love how he communicates.

I may have been a scolding sister ( as he recently called me :D ) but I have loved him and I still love him more than he can imgaine. I apologize to him once in a while for scolding him and he says its Ok :)
The other day I said him that I love him infinite and scold him only a few lacks. He said NO! You scold me crores and you love me infinite! lol :D
He makes me smile.
Whenever he sees me upset..he comes and asks me with pleading eyes what is wrong with me. I say nothing. And he hugs me. Such beautiful moments..its tough to be upset :P

I have been blogging for a few years now and I've mentioned him only a couple of times. That's because there aren't enough superlatives available :) and no matter what - I can never express how much he means to me.

My kiddo brother - I love you infinite raise to infinite ( No idea where he got that term from :P )


  1. This was truly sweet. Enjoyed reading. :)

  2. I also have a kid brother so I totally know what you are talking about... Kid brothers are really a blessing :) :)

  3. how sweet...sometimes i miss having a younger brother :(

  4. Aww.. hearty congratulations to the big sis for being such a lovely teacher to an adorable brother :) :)

  5. well you said you ve mentioned your bro few posts, well trust me even this was more of you... :) :P
    anyways very nice n cute post...

    Unruly Rebel
    something THEY call life

  6. Some thing to think about in this post.

  7. I couldn't help but smile all through the post.
    Way too sweet!


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