Sunday, April 17, 2011

Policy Matters

Its not about 'giving and taking' for me. Its about 'gifting' with 'love'. There's a difference there. Its not an obligation. It comes out of affection. Also , I don't expect anything in return.
And even when I do not gift something to someone doesn't make them any less closer to me. I just haven't found the best for them yet.

I can tolerate liars. I'm a liar myself...a harmless liar.
I just don't like being deceived. I distance myself from people I suspect of deceiving.

I forgive. But I do not forget. And I don't trust again.

I understand my friends cannot always be there for me. I don't hang around like an albatross around their neck for that.

I have an obsessive compulsive punctuality disorder :P I just loathe it when people don't turn up on time.
I hate it when I turn up late too at some rare occasions.
Being punctual  has becomes one of my 'policies'.


  1. Hey there!!!!
    I hope you are feeling good :)

    I can copy and paste this entire post of yours on my blog :) :)

    Stick to your policies always, they will n ever let you down :)

  2. good policies...and be good the way u r always!!

  3. - Cardinal

    - Purvi di
    Hey am quite better now , thx :)
    hehe..we have a lot in common :)

    - Ria you doing Ria ?

  4. Facebook style 'like'.

    PS: I like your gifting thing. My birthday is sept 8th ;)

  5. Good policy - sometimes tough to emulate but I think its sound.


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