Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Off color. Balloon vigour.

Holi = Water Balloon fight!
A ritual started last year which I believe was fun - the kind of fun you have to pay for in the form of pain.

The balloon shots hit hard.I couldn't lift my hands yesterday. My arms were paining so much. :O
And I don't know why I was targeted so much by our very well accomplished balloon hitter.

I think last year's balloon fight was more fun. I really wanted to play more with colors this time. But somehow that didn't materialize.

This year's Holi was unique though. Because we not just played water holi but also flower holi! :D

-- I've lost my appetite for blogging. Felt mandatory to make a 'festival entry' since I almost always do that.
And that's that. Nothing more to say write.


  1. Balloon fights r always fun!! :) Hope to see u back here soon.

  2. flower holi?
    sounds fun!!
    and so does your blog :D

  3. Lucky you.
    I would love to play Holi someday...From what I've seen on TV, I've gathered it's quite fun..
    Here in Pakistan, we make do with occasional waterfights.

  4. Sounds fun! Here I didn't even realise it was holi!

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