Sunday, March 13, 2011

The moment of momentum

Its as if I've got a personal  undisclosed disguised messenger who has finally done its job...with no instructions from me but a secret wish that it took over & delivered.

I feel so relieved today. Its that sense of freedom. Like someone snatched all my fights in one single stroke. Or maybe just put a timely end to them.Either wait has paid off.  The trash is scrapped. All the basic stains are removed. There's a clean canvas to paint on. And there's a bright picture in my head :)

A good beginning ...or in fact only a beginning in itself is a kick-start & a promise to a journey.
I would hault but am sure I'm not going to stop now.
 I was worried if there would be a beginning at all since my basic obstacles were difficult than all the other problems I expected to sprout.
Now there's  the route , means & destination that needs to be zeroed in , for which I've gained much more momentum than I ever thought I would!

I'm excited. And whatever in hell makes all my excited plans go kaput be bloody damned ! Because I'm bloody going to make things work.This very time.

There's something called hopes & wishes after all.That very  thing that I've been breathing on.
Its time to LIVE.


  1. Good to knw that u feeling relieved and lookin forward to something in life.

  2. All the best!!!
    LIVE ur life to the best of ur abilities :)


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