Friday, March 4, 2011

Point of view ON Point of view.

One thing I absolutely HATE about discussions/arguments/debates is when the opposing party isn't even willing to CONSIDER your point of view. I might be right.You might be absolutely right but that doesn't make the other person absolutely wrong. Trying to prove them wrong  NO MATTER WHAT - is annoying and foolish. Countering points is one thing..but not wanting to even see things from a different angle only shows how narrow your perspective is.

Although in a debate , one never really wants to consider the opponent's view. All they care for is to prove their side correct which is bearable.You could go to any lengths to prove something even when you don't believe in what you're saying.

But in healthy discussions and must utmost consider the other person's VIEW exactly the way it is  put up.No interpretation.No reading between the lines.Just the way it is.
However ,  more often than not..I find people losing that central theme.
Discussions are meant to broaden your perspective.Its kind of a way to check through all the pros & cons in case you're wanting to make a decision. Or in other only amounts to a spectrum of thoughts you might hear for the first time.But then...the ego factors comes in. One would never take back his own words of wisdom :P

Most of the times..when we have discussions about common or general topics..I do maintain a take on it.And I may also agree to several points the other party has put forth. In the makes my judgment/ views neutral and lying towards the core issue.I've never been on far ends of anything. I don't like to have extremely strong and rigid opinions. You've gotta be flexible ;)

--- On that note I'd put down my views on Firangi Music which I've been wanting to for quite some time ;-)
There are people who listen to English songs because it makes them cool.
Or because that's what most of the other people in their life do. Or atleast that's what you can sense from their behavior :P

What I believe is that -
Listening to English songs or watching English shows/movies won't make you great ...but IF you're not ..then you're missing out on something great :D
That's what I've realized since the time I've been listening to videshi songs :P
Secondly...When you say you love music..or any other form of must explore it as much as you can.At least within the languages ( in case of music) that you understand. 
As simple as that. What do you think ?


  1. Took me back to the MBA days when we used to have GDs n discussions. :) Nice post. Happy weekend!

  2. I agree with your point of view. :)

  3. i kno to whom it was refererd to!!!! well , i agree with ur pt. of view pefectly....regarding flexibility.
    since only flexible survives today...
    so i will try to get into it slowly!!!!thxx

  4. Hot :P
    This wasn't with reference to anyone in particular , ok ? :D


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