Thursday, October 21, 2010

Through Pictures :)

I have been going through my pictures clicked in last 5 years. It embarrasses , makes me smile , laugh , upsets or just makes my day! Thanks to pictures..its easier to understand how much I have changed & improved. Although I look different in many of the pictures due to the angles at which they were taken - I'm happy to see my recent avatar :D I do not frown over my pictures as much as I used to.
I may not LIKE all of my pictures..some come out real weird..but it helps in detecting where I've gone wrong - what with my hairstyle or what I've worn!

Pictures provide a great platform to keep a check on hairstyles! And I've styled experimented with my hair differently in last 2-3 years. The fact is I started ironing my hair after I saw how a bad hairdo made me look entirely bad :|
Then I cut my hair short last year without knowing HOW short I had cut them! But even then my look was decent enough.It turned out to be a really good haircut.And just a couple of months back..I cut my hair even shorter!! which is one big mistake I have made. Because not just hair was cut a little oddly ..making 'me' look entirely different when I keep them untied! Huh  I miss my previous haircut.I wonder how I'd ever explain any hairdresser to cut it that way again.

As goes my dressing sense..definite improvement!! My Indian wear collection to date is by far the best I've had.[ with sundry compliments :D ]  casual wear - needs to be shaken upside down.
I feel sick when I see my old snaps. Like how and why did I even wear THAT ? But then..I had nobody to sort that out for me. And even today..I do not have an expert help! So its through pics that I'm trying to decipher what really suits me. An outfit may be good individually but it may not necessarily look good on me.I've always worn loose comfortable clothes. I can still learn to wear stylish clothes without looking like a joker :P

Its easy to certify your look staring into the mirror , however , it may not just be the right thing.
So thank you camera! And thank you snaps! And the shutterbugs who clicked them!

Did I mention I'm not that obsessed with looks nowadays ?? I guess its partly because of the comparison I've been doing between my old & new clicks.

Two things I know for sure now -
I should get  hair smoothening done! It'll save a lot of my time and energy :D
I must must must hit the gym again.

Snaps : Two of my favorites clicked 2 years back.


  1. I think everybody looks at old pictures and thinks how did I ever wear that:-) Style is something that evolves over time - very few are born with it. The keep is to have an open mind and try out everything and see what looks best on u..I need a stylist:-)

  2. Liked this post. I too look at old pics and then notice all those differences and ask myself things like, "How could I think I was looking cool in that pic with that hairstyle?" For me, I always end up scrutinizing my hairstyle because its a riot or a mess and also my footwear because usually it looks so frightfully boring at the time a picture is clicked:)

    Loved this post.

  3. Aah nice pics. And well style is something that evolves over a period of time. And abt pics...well o have never looked good in them. :D

  4. Lol.. nice post!! I've pretty much tried it all when it came to hairstyles... not really too much we guys can do, but I've grown it out long, shaved it all off, kept the buzz military cut, Apache Indian cut back in the day.. I think apart from a mohawk, I've done it all. And my reaction to my old photos today are all the same.. 'What the F*** was I thinking"!!!

    Its so weird to see how our concept of 'whats cool' changes over time. Bottomline.. as long as you're happy with what you see in the mirror today.. I think thats all that matters!


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