Monday, October 11, 2010

A Gathering Light.

Another book to hit as my favorite - A Gathering Light. ( Jennifer )

 I won't review it because I just can't do enough justice! The way I explained it to one of my friends - she wouldn't read it EVER.So I'd better save others :D

However ...I'd say its the BEST I've read in recent times. The kind of novel that  feels so close to you , that you start living with the characters. For their sorrow , happiness et al.

Mattie Gokey , a girl in her early teens finds the huge responsibility of taking care of her younger siblings as a promise she'd made to her dying mother.
At the cost of her dreams. To become a writer.
A drunk non-supportive father , lesser money & too many mouths to feed only adds to her woes.And then all it comes down to is her ambitions. It keeps flipping between the two until she makes her decision.
Its about choices , friendships , responsibility , family , love  , passion & the big question - What you want for yourself ?  And whether you've made the right decision ?
Anybody whose family's proving to be a huge obstruction in achieving his/her dreams will relate A LOT with the protagonist. I loved the way she found her answer which is a parallel story linking hers.  A girl named Grace Brown dies under mysterious circumstances in a lake near a hotel where Mattie works.And a day before her death - Grace gives her letters to Mattie requesting her to burn them.But Mattie keeps them & figures that Grace has been killed. Through her letters  Mattie connects & finds inspiration which helps her way out.

You can so find a part of yourself in her.Almost everyone goes through choice making.Its tough. And it all comes down to YOU. Good or bad.Fears.Love.Family. Lastly - The final call.

The writing style is different & refreshing - going in flashbacks & present - to cross at a point.I also liked how the 'chapters' or parts have been distinguished ..not with another subtitle but 'word of the day' which Mattie learns & eventually finds something in her life to give her the best example for usage of that word.
The murder is based on a true story.The author was touched by the letters & wanted something good to happen out of them.Which is why it has been linked to Mattie's story.
 All in all - A gathering light makes for a delightful read.Its as if the book title speaks for itself :)

I can now draw a common element between three of my fav novels.
To kill a mockingbird.
The Kite runner.
A Gathering Light.

All three novels have a kid/teenager telling their story in their words.Learning the world around them as they are growing. Going through the bitterness of life. And their stories not necessarily ending with a happily ever-after...but with lots of hope , smile & wisdom.

The way real life is.


  1. whoa..seems good....must totally read it...
    i yesterday finished "nick & nora's infinite playlist"...maybe not your types but made a lovely read for me!

    read harry potter. i suggest it to every fucking person owing to d fact that its my favorite and that i've read the whole series 9 times and m still not bored! call me crazy!

  2. The review sounds interesting! Will add to my reading list. Thx

  3. Lets see if i can grab the book soon! :)

  4. Sounds good! Tho right now I have enuff melodrama happening in my own life!! LOL

    Did you read the 2nd batch of Inception answers btw?? make any sense?

  5. - Dandelion -
    I'll check out nick & nora's infinite playlist :)
    You've read harry potter 9 times ??!! Whoa! Some fan you are :P
    But I just don't find myself too interested in reading it..specially since I've seen all the movies first.
    And I'm more into heartfelt stories.Do recommend me more novels :)

    - Bollywoodstylediaries -

    - Ria -
    You must! Its really worth reading.

    - Ve -
    Hey , lol..we all have some sort of melodrama going in life :P Books sometimes filter out all the noise from life :D
    And I never got the 2nd batch of your inception answer :| Was waiting for your reply.

  6. - Ve -
    Ohhh..did you leave a comment or you mailed ??
    You must be having a copy in your sent items if you've mailed me.So you can resend.

    the comment would have appeared :|
    piece of advice - always copy your comment before commenting on blogs ( specially long ones)..coz sometimes blogger acts weird > the comment isnt posted > and all of it simply disappears :|

    October 12, 2010 7:57 PM

  7. shit! your comment got deleted by mistake :S grrr

  8. harry potter movies SUCK!
    books r totally different and yeah they are heartfelt!
    iv read in every book frm 4-7
    trust me, u dont wanna miss dis....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    nxt i suggest "eleven minutes" & "veronica decides to die" the only books i understand & love from the paulo coelho collection...

    if u like classics read "emma"..a fun read...

    currently m reading "13 blue envelopes"..
    seems nice but its just d beggining...i'll let u knw abt dat as soon as m dun...


  9. you're kidding right? No I didnt mail.. I posted a comment. I am so PISSED!! are you sure you didnt delete my comment like you just did? LOL!

    Ahhh... I guess I'll have to retype it. The things I do for like-minded sciencebuffs! ;)

  10. - Dadelion -
    Lol movies adapted from novels are never up to the mark. I'll read HP someday after all ! ;)
    Paulo coelho..I never get him! Must give those 2 books you mentioned a shot.
    Thanks :)

    - Ve -
    lol no am serious! I didn't get that comment of yours.And even if I should have deleted it *by mistake* - a copy of it would have been in my inbox :)
    Hehe..don't take much pain :)

  11. I will put this book in my To Read List, which is getting bigger day by day,though one thing which has changed is the criteria to select a book, it has to be a size zero book (read thin!)

    I am a big fan of To kill a mockingbird. Have you watched the movie based on the book, its a 1960 black and white flick, do watch.

  12. - Karan
    size zero book lol :)
    I finish up reading thin books so fast that it feels like I reading nothing :O

    I loved 'to kill a mockingbird' too.
    The movie's been on my list for quite a while now.Gotto catch up with a lot of movies!


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