Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Slap a twilight fan :D

Facebook :  Lots of folks are celebrating an event 'Slap a twilight fan day'
lol :D

Its quite interesting to note the number of twilight haters! In fact most of them are guys.

I finally finished reading the whole series with Breaking Dawn being the last part.
Its the longest novel I've read till date ( around 800 pages )
I'm not much of a fan and then I don't abhor it either. Reading the twilight series was fun and occasionally irksome too...which is why I never read the entire series in one go.I read the four parts over a span of an year :P

I love the writing style of the author. The flow is contagious.

And that's all for now... some book-bashing later.


  1. I dont know wht to say coz i havent read a single book from the series.

  2. i do a radio bookshow- n i ghave equal no. of twilight lovers n haters- but the girls just loev jacob n edward! i think taylor lautner is HAWT- n i loveee stephanie meyer :)

  3. I read the Twilight series just to find out what was all that hype about and I read all the parts in a span of a month!! And I did not like it at all - found it to be ridiculous actually...the first book was a fun read - pretty good, I must say but the rest that followed, especially the last one, in my opinion, was ridiculous!!!


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