Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Game theory.

For every gain there is a loss and for every loss there is a gain somewhere. Its a zero sum game.

You want will have to sacrifice something else. You can't have both equally.

Why don't you get into politics otherwise ?


Because even in that hate lies a deep rooted love somewhere.
Vulnerable and pure. Unfazed by the layer of loathe.


 Yes maybe the best of relations don't need explanations..but if someone questions and you would be questioned only when things are getting bad , why do you need to backfire ?

If someone really cares and doesn't wish to loose you..they will do everything to set those assumptions wrong. They will do everything to assure they have you  all to them self without any doubt.
The moment someone doesn't feel the need to justify ...its all quite over!


After sappy promises of 'being there' and months of dating ..its not called a relation.

Are you fucking kidding me !?


Love isn't a calculation.
But everything after that is math.
This VS that.
Convert every thing said and done into negative or positive points.
Lame blames.
Ex flames.
An algebric equation with increasing variables.
Find x , then y , then z...keep figuring out until you decide its a wrong sum.
Totally wrong. Doesn't fit your logic.
So scrap the entire sum to land up with another puzzle to solve.


Loving and being in love is different. Drastically different.

Loving has various versions...

Being in love. Unmatchable.Unconditional.Unique.Ultimate.


Set fire to the rain.

Do not need a breakup , but a heartbreak to know what it means.


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