Thursday, March 29, 2012


My obsession with date & time is ludicrous.

There isn't a single page in any of my 'notebooks' where you won't find the date written.
Before I begin to write anything - the first thing I do is to scribble the date.
I'm used to this for more than FIVE years.
Right from my physics , chemistry notes (  I still have all the notes 'preserved'*! )  to accounts , taxation etc - every single page has the damned date.

Its one of those things my friends have found to add as a little sidekick joke.
In past few days , specially during internals when I used to roughly jot down points - someone or the other would taunt me to write the date. They compel me if I ignore their remark as if I were breaking a 'tradition' and I give in because its certainly one :D

What do I say about this ? I'm a punctuality freak ; hands down.
Case 1 : If I were to reach college  just '2 mins' behind the schedule  - I FREAK out.
Cannot tolerate that even when its totally harmless.
I guess my ego works more in this case. "How on earth can I be late ?"  
( even if I have nobody to report to :P )
I feel like I'm losing a game if I reach late. THAT  obsessive.

While driving my head functions in 3 core areas - one is to drive safe , second : any other random thing going in my mind and three - what is the time and how much more will it take for me to reach.

Case 2 : There's another time calculation I'm obsessed with. While opting for different routes I keep comparing which one makes me reach faster. Whereas the fact remains that no matter what route I choose - it would take around the same time , a min or two here and there.
A min or two ?? I can't help convincing myself later as to how  overcoming that 'a min or two' is significant enough and therefore the 'other' route makes more sense! :D

Case 3 : This one's really the heights of all. In casual talks..we say - I'll be there in 5 or 15 or 10 or whatever. I usually  give a different series of no. - In 3 mins , 7 mins...etc and that is to say PRECISELY.
I mentioned already , my obsession is ludicrous!!

And the problem with such kind of not -so- serious stupid obsessions  is that if you do not comply with keeps nagging in your head.

* Notes : This is out of habit. I have all my notebooks & textbooks of Sanskrit ( 5th to 10th grade ) , history & English textbooks from school , and most of my 'education' material preserved. I cannot do away with what I have always loved to read & study.
And for the other half that gave me nightmare - chem , physics which are not even going to serve any purpose ever again are kept for namesake.I don't like throwing  away my books and notes or passing them.


  1. We all have our quirks but surely your quirks are beneficial for your growth. Being so punctual and time-oriented will work more and more in your favor because as we all agree, these days time is literally money. People lose a lot of precious time in traffic jams and that does have an impact on their productivity at work. Where you say that you are very conscious and accurate about the routes and the time taken to reach them, I think it is fantastic because you are utilizing time in the best possible way.

    What can be the flip side? I don't see any actually.

  2. ^Echo

    You are my cool alter ego :P
    *hi5* i feel you , totally understand the time obsession :P =D

  3. Hey Nams after reading this i felt like as if u were writing this for me only!!!! M feeling extremely satisfied to find a person who is as obsessed about time as I am!!!! M proud ( "Garv") of u n thanx for giving words to our joint obsession for time :D :P

  4. I never had such an obsession until I came to tenth. We had this English teacher about date and time, quite like you. One day she just yelled at us saying 'HOW CAN YOU ALL NOT WRITE THE DATE IN YOUR NOTES EVERYDAY?!'. And that made me think. So here I am today. Writing the date is just another thing in my OCD list :P

  5. Ha ha interesting quirks. I am obsessed with time though!


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