Thursday, March 22, 2012

This is not 'news'. Its crime!

Rape cases are always mentioned in print on the front page.What happens of the victim and the culprit later is seldom known. In last 3 days there have been 3 reports of rape in the city making the headlines in the newspaper.What I read today made my rage grow exponentially.
A father raping her own daughter since last 5 yrs after the girl's mother left them. The issue came to light when the girl turned to her  neighbors after suffering from massive pain. She was pregnant.

Now what does the police have to say ? Did the girl dress provocatively ? Was she outside home after 8 pm ??
Do these stupid questions have anything do with the harassment caused to the woman ?
Why don't we understand that it is the psychology of males that are leading to such disastrous crimes and the woman is not to be blamed for the same!

Why are such heinous crimes not treated with gravity ? The criminals should be castrated! It should be a non bailable crime! And the bastard must be made to suffer a zillion times more than what he did to the woman. Simply jailing the criminal cannot justify the hurt that he has caused to the woman.

Rape is far far more grave and inhuman than killing someone.
Stealing a woman's integrity and leaving her mind paralyzed for lifetime is not a small issue!

What goes in the head of a man wanting to rape ??
Doesn't he have any self respect ? And raping one's own daughter ? What gives!

I don't quite give a damn about other issues in India when  our basic foundations are not clear! Why can't we give our citizens a sense of freedom and security in the country they live ? Is this what democracy is all about ? Yeah you can live here but if the monsters roaming freely in the society do anything to you - please do not come to us.Its absolutely your fault!

Isn't there any way to completely eradicate this crime ?
Unless there are no stringent laws , it will be a difficult affair. Like this girl and many others , most of them do not even report of this filthiness probably out of fear.

How can in  a country like India which runs on a plethora of cultures , morals and ethics such crimes even exist ? Or infact - in any other country ! If not for the sense of humanity , at least for the sake of and in the name of the same moral code and conduct should the men be conditioned to treat women with due respect.

The scientists should be developing medication to dysfunction the area in the brain which shows criminal inclination in men.Why not? Do they not carry all kinds of researches on how your brain reacts on finding potential lover or how listening to songs on earphones can damage your ears or other such things that do not have great significance.
They really should be on it. Coz I don't see the government doing anything , anything at all to curb onto this crime. Why not erase it from the root itself. The filthy mind of a bastard.


  1. When we are India, a country where the people elected by us are watching porn inside the assembly, we are spreading good example to our citizens. I think we will have to work ona whole new genre of males, hoping that it will change.. but i'm not very positive.

  2. Your post is quite an angry one and rightly so. So many ills in this society are brushed under the carpet because young people refuse to find these issues important or relevant enough. Perhaps young people like you will bring about changes in how the society treats rape victims. What happens to rape victims is much worse because the society treats them as 'tainted' and sometimes even family members try to take advantage of them by then. And they begin to think they are responsible for whatever is happening to them.

    The law, sadly, is a big pathetic failure in helping rape victims.


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