Monday, March 12, 2012

No background story.

You drilled a hole in my heart

that still loves you back for no reason at all.

'coz no matter how many pieces my heart is into right now

there's still a part that vouches for you somehow.

'coz no matter how much pain you filled in

the fact that I loved and I always will - would remain

'coz no matter how pointless it may seem , no doubt

even after all the ire and hate tires itself out.

You leave me at such crossroads

goodbyes will not suffice.

I shall only walk away this time

bidding a farewell that wouldn't rhyme.

** A couple of rhyming lines do not make a poem. This ain't a poem.

A major query most of them had was if I had a breakup ? query is why do you need a breakup to write 'a couple of dark rhyming lines' ?
Such questions spoil the essence.
This 'piece' is more like 'an elated feeling triggered by a sad stimulus' as put by a friend. :P
In simple words , I wrote coz I felt like writing it.
No background story.Not necessarily :)


  1. background story needed every time.. Its like asking is music needed for hearts to dance? :P

    Rhyming doesn't makes poems...and poems don't always rhyme.. :)

    This is a poem. :)

    1. :)

      So ab ye bhi bata is the 'poem'? :D

  2. I am lolling :D the rhyming lines are soulful though :)

    1. lol I want to know why you are lolling :D

  3. How nice to come back and see not a lot has changed on a few blogs and how regular a lot of people still are :)

    nice small piece of scribbling there !

    1. And you toh totally disappeared !
      nice to see you here :)


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