Sunday, March 4, 2012

Driving on highway

I just got wings. So I cannot stop from flying.

Doing crazy stuff. Drove 20 kms in the outskirts of the  city for a college function at night.

It was risky. My first drive on highway at night.
Did not tell at home.

"kamine' friends kept irritating all through the drive :
" yes ,  run over that guy.."
" are 2-3 ko toh aaj uda hi dena.."
" Oyee..mai apni mom ka ek lauta beta please aaram se chala"
" Nammm...if you hit the truck , the truck will be pieces..apne ko kuch nahi hoga" :P

So even while my car and we all survived ...( it was quite hyped..I was driving good enough!)
this guy Z starts talking about flesh , blood and dunno what all :O

And he did not accompany us , the girls on our way back. Free food makes him 10 times more hungry :|

Had an amazing Dj party! Danced to my heart's content! :D :D
We never refrain ourselves from doing garba..even if the song played is 'chammak challo'

Seniors choreographed a fashion show on retro theme. Quite commendable.

And there was lavani too which was performed twice.

We too danced on 2 bollywood numbers with 1 hr of practice.
Maybe the saving grace was that we cancelled one of our dance sequence at the end moment on seeing all the other dance performances. :P

College doesn't suck when it arranges such parties :D
How I love to dance !!


  1. My final year dance ka finale song was Emotional Atyachaar rock version! :P Beat that!

  2. Haha. Sounds like a lot of fun. :D

  3. loved driving on highways...on ma FZ(ruled roads)

    1. yeah finally somewhere you can shift to 5th gear ;)

  4. Free food makes him 10 times more hungry :| ..lolzzzzzzz

    Garba on chammak challo? is tht possible!!!

    Happy driving!

    1. haha well it was remixed version of chammak challo..and our steps went just in tune with the song :D

  5. Have a great fun with newly gotten wings friend... and a follow all possible safety rules so that your fun last longer


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