Monday, April 16, 2012


Its been quite a happening weekend.

Started off with farewell party. We had chosen 'carnival' as our theme and I don't reckon if any senior stuck with the theme. Infact for that matter I think - we , the juniors were dressed better :D

There was obviously the , dancing and picture clicking. Lots of it!

We had selected special couples for the paper dancing competition. Too much chemistry dude!
And yes as they say..'mauke ka faida uthao' - the juniors too jumped in the competition :D

I was dancing with a friend - trying to do the ball dance thing which didn't seem to work because neither am I good at it nor was he :P

My friend and I conducted the Mr and Miss senior/farewell/ whatever :P
And it was nothing short of a disaster!
Our questions were quite questionable!
We asked one of the girls nominee to swear in Hindi.
She started off with beep beep..but we prodded her to say the full word.
And in front of those odd 200 people she blurted out MC and one or two other such slangs without a hitch. Gutsy!!
The seniors were enjoying the show :P but then some of the guys from our batch opposed and I decided maybe we would have to change the rest of the questions.

So even as I asked one of the guys about his views on live-in relations , I had to change the virginity question replacing it with who's the hottest here! huh :o Not much fun :P

The question round was the last one. There was the ramp walk and dance with the juniors before that. One of the seniors asked me to dance with him.

As for the rest of the party...I danced like a maniac! Totally to my heart's content.
And if it weren't for those stupid heels I wore ,  I could have danced more ( if we could have had more of the dj! )

 This is the invitation card for the seniors! Nice no ? Quite a creative bunch we have in college!

I have formed a theory about dressing.
The shorter your LBD , the more compliments you garner :P
While my friends constantly kept saying I was looking hot, my classmates were quite surprised to see me in new avatar :D

And of course my friends were also teasing me to no end.
'Maaal' someone said. The other one was like 'Inventory?' lol
When I told this to another friend , he said ' Godown ka maal ?'

Everybody is a character here! And I love being these superawesome people.
Had an amazing time with everyone!

I don't get it why seniors think they are the most gorgeous people on the whole damn earth. I would have wanted to enlighten them on this several times.
They have an attitude the size of an elephant.

I almost silently swear every time one of them give those looks. Bitch.

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  1. Well Nams I didnt knew that u also had ur chance in paper dancing otherwise I wud have also danced with u :P
    N Nams u forgot to mention the "STOCK" word which was entitled to u as a complement :P


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