Saturday, April 21, 2012

Types of presenters!

1. The ones in relaxingly ORDEAL state :
They don't know what to do. They don't want do anything either.  They might appear tensed about the assessment but it hardly makes any appearance during inputs!
They are dummies in the group - good for nothing! They will sit back and relax till the other members make the entire presentation and when everything is finalized , they will request
"Please give me the introduction slide"
Like seriously ?
But then  at the cost of presentation and their severe lack of knowledge , giving them over the introduction part is a safe bet.

2. The scared mice.
These are the ones little ahead of the type 1 presenters. Not only are they hardly aware like the ones above but  they are also scared about presenting. So they want to speak NOTHING.
Escaping the presentation fear with one slide is boon for them.
It doesn't take much for them to hit the PANIC button.
One blunder and whatever little they might have managed to mug up - will simply wash away.

 3.The muggers!
 Talking about mugging up - these are the ones who will learn every single word of the slide so that it doesn't looks like they are simply 'reading' from the slide. But the fact is that they do not add much to what is mentioned in the slides.
Who are they fooling anyway ?
These are the better halves of scared mice , only that they are confident about their mugging skills and have less chance of slipping.

4.The irritated presenters!
Making other  do the task is a challenge in itself. And one thing you learn in management - is , well - to manage others!
Dealing with the very relaxed and laid back students can be very pesky!

5. The average presenters.
They speak well. Their inputs are below average but they handle the presentation well.
So they might as well be forgiven by other members.
But they still remain average.

6.I will steal and speak someone else's part
These are the confused ones. No matter how many times you explain them what they are supposed to deal with in the presentation..they will go ahead and speak some other part - usually that part which the next presenter was supposed to say.
Since on an average almost everyone rehearses his or her part - it leaves the next one in line in more confusion.

7.My body language says more than my words
If at all you are looking for a little entertainment in presentations - Never miss out witnessing the ones in this category. Their body language dominates everything else.
The slides may go to hell. What they speak may also go to hell. But HOW they do it is what takes the cake :D
Funniest presenters.
( No offense :P )

8.The presentation FREAKS :
These guys are the 'field workers'. Collecting and assorting data. Putting everything in line.
They will be all done with making presentation maybe in less than 2 days after being assigned.
They worship excel , powerpoint. IT guys!!
And since they are so fast with their work , they have enough time to devote to creativity.
Usually the others in class will wonder why do they have to be so amazingly creative every.single.time.
9. Sailing a storm type.
Enthusiastic lot. Vouching for both marks and recognition. They put in efforts .and get just about the result they want. But they usually have to put all the efforts themselves!
Their team mates are either scared mice or belong to the first category.
So its nothing short of sailing through a storm for them ;)

10.The presentation Lords!
The bestest and probably the most enviable of the lot! Not only are their presentation skills excellent but they are also very updated about their subject.
Enthusiastic and spontaneous!
These people don't vouch for marks..they justify their willingness and passion.
 Everybody else simple prays to be in their group !


  1. Hi Sugarcube
    This post is an outcome of many frustrating presentations you had to sit thru at college? :P

    Nice observation and classification!

    I am not able to post comments on your previous posts :s

    I hope this one reaches you... :P Enjoyed all of them..

  2. haha...hv definitely come across many of these categories..!! :-)

  3. Thats interesting! Looks like u have observed all of these types very carefully.


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