Monday, January 2, 2012

Draw the line.

Last year has been very emotionally exhausting.
So many stories many people.So much consolation.
Conversations.All those discussions.
They carry no points. They are like extra baggage.
Just like secrets. That only weigh you down.

I guess we all are just too apprehensive about everything.About emotions.Its all so hyped.

Everyone has their own way of moving on. But what I've learnt is whether you begin to hate the person or still love long as there are hard can never really move on.

I've grown tired of finding my answers. I've grown tired of reasoning.
I'm not sure if I was giving second chance to myself or the one on that side ?

Time to leave things behind. High time.


Sure it feels bad. Its shattering. But then I reckon with these words ..  time doesn't heal only grow immune.  And I'm waiting to gain my immunity.


New year's eve was 'nice' to say the least. Went to the same club for the third time in a row.
Wasn't so exicted about it. I can apply the concept of marginal utility.
Maybe was in my own world. Still better than not partying at all.

Am sounding like my pulse rate won't show any change whether there is something very good or bad to happen. Strange.

I cannot forgive or forget. I'm just drawing the line.


  1. Forgiving and forgetting for some is just not possible and moving on is easier said then done but causing misery to oneself is a bigger devil in my opinion so I say that one has to be SELFISH, its important

    Have a great 2012 :) :) and yes some party is better then no party :)

  2. 2011 was past.

    Welcome this year, with joy and ummm...hopes. Have a good one.

  3. I hope 2012 brings you joy, peace and harmony. May you grow with every experience. Tc.

  4. Yes.
    2011 was draining. Sad. Horrible. Headache. Broke. Hurt my foot. Everything possible went wrong.
    And sadly yes, even though sometimes we want to, we can't move on, or just "forget" a person!
    Happy new year xo
    May 2012 be our best year yet!

  5. Hmmm... there is always a part of you which is left behind, as u walk on.

    Happy New Year...all the best.

  6. Totally agree with Harshi (Me) above, hope u have a blessed 2012!

  7. - purvi
    misery to oneself is a bigger devil! agreed!
    thank you..wish you the same :)

    - Maryam
    yup thx..:)

    - Swats
    thank you di :) I wish you the same.

    - Blahblaholic
    No matter how hard it is..sometimes you just don't have an option :)
    thank you..wish you a very bright year!

    - Anish
    yes despite everything..happy new year :P

    - Me
    yes :)
    thank you..wish you the same.

    - Ria
    thank you :) have a great year!

  8. This reminds me of a Lion King dialogue, "The past can hurt, you can either run from it or learn from it."
    Happy 2012!


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