Monday, January 9, 2012

# long story in short.

Give wings. Then ask not to fly 
# Parents.

Some decisions are not regretful. They are just  not worth it!   
# Don't know what the F I was thinking.

opportunity cost and opportunity ; what ifs.... 
# college

seriously doesn't make sense AT ALL  
# the way things happened. Life.

Not following dreams   
# Finding hard to tap talent # WTF !

everybody seems to be a photographer
# All you need is a SLR

So laid-back..its indigestible!
# Missing college trip.

Making supercool plans. Superhot plans 
( that didn't work ; that were not going to work anyhow.)
# confidence or height of hopes ? Adventurous maybe.

 Not being a phone person
# in a  Long distance relation or something like that ?
# Funny :D

Be thankful.For whatever there is.
# things not to forget.

Everything happens for a reason.
# Not EVERYTHING.Please spare me that nonsense. Thank you.


  1. Contradictions..everywhere... :D
    We revel in it..don't we?... :-)


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