Saturday, January 7, 2012

Is that sherlock holmes ?!?!

I was a bit taken aback when I had seen  the first installment of guy richie's version of Sherlock Holmes. I mean they really turned him into a psycho scientist !
Ofcourse witty - very witty who could only be outsmarted by one woman..Irene Adler.
But then I don't reckon having an image of sherlock holmes who would talk too much.
Or who would  occassionally crack jokes and even appear dumbwit.
The detective is supposed to be charming..suave and sexily witty.

But if you talk of the MOVIE as a piece of art..its pretty fantastic!
The climax is amazing. So the credit goes to the story more than the one leading it.
The theme of storytelling and direction too is snazzy.

If you've read sherlock holmes..its going to disappoint in terms of characterization.Or at least give you a detective you don't know!
If you haven't read ( must! ) , then well just enjoy the movie :D

oh and I went alone to watch it ! :P  I need movie buddies.
I think I might just add being a 'movie buff' as a prerequisite for being friends with me ;)


  1. Hey... I enjoyed SH 2 but not as much as the first one precisely ecoz of the characterization i guess.

    But Guy Ritchie sure knows how to make a movie. :)

  2. I have not read SH novels :( :( thats the next thing I am buying now (I hope :))
    Anyways I have not seen SH2 so will reserve my opinion but the trailers look damn good and after this review of yours I am sure the movie will be great as well :) :)

  3. I enjoyed watching both the parts of SH. Its very well made. I haven't read any of the books though.


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