Wednesday, December 21, 2011

MI 4 : ghost protocol

Some of the most kickass action sequences to be seen..and no its not just about chasing cars and rash driving. Or some fights. Its about monkeying on to the world's tallest building!
Superman act by not a superman.Deadly.

the first half is freaking awesome.

If you were to be anywhere in my vicinity while watching the would have heard 'omg! omg!!' every 15 mins. Yes that awesome.

The second half too is good. Except that Anil Kapoor's entry quite runied it. I guess watching an Indian actor in a hollywood ACTION flick , desperately trying his best to deliver dialogues in English and that while retaining and exhibiting the fact that he is an Indian actor or well almost playing a part/character that he would normally do in a bollywood film...well that can be pretty hilarious :D

A lot of action was not required , storywise. It felt too dragged. But then who says no to adrenaline ?

 As it is these non-superhero action flicks stop making sense after a while.(logically)
- Like I couldn't quite figure out what the hell was that sand storm in Dubai about  ? And how come it exactly and suddenly 'stopped' or disappeared the moment Ethan ( Tom Cruise ) stopped chasing the villain ?  height of co-incidence ya ? :P
-  They seem to have a lot of devices and 'international access' despite of the so called  Ghost protocol :D

Tom Cruise looks old. ( of course because he is old! but you never want the most hottest looking celebs to grow old :D )
No stunt doubles! :O That's like double wow! 
No hot scenes. ( Isn't that supposed to be by default ? :P ) Minus points for a action movie.
Good humor btw. Plus points.

Want an adrenaline rush ? Go watch it!


  1. kickass film..

    watched it on sunday. Asked my friends to join me. It was snowing all day. No one agreed. So, I went alone.

    What a great time...Action in Dubai.. wow...

    and you forgot to mention the comic scenes of Simon Pegg.. when he comes in the hotel room all tired..and was so difficult..but I did it...and before that Cruise was almost falling...and says..'What did I miss?' haha...

    Action scenes in the last is good too...

    And when Anil says, I am hot. All indian men are how... haha... :D

  2. I want to see it bad, Tom Cruise looks old! :( I knew Anil's role wouldn't be anything substantial. But its fine since i feel he deserves more than what Freida Pinto got after working in Slumdog.

  3. I have seen it and i agree to all the points you have made both good as well as bad :) But i want to make special mention of Anil Kapoor... i hate him for doing this role.. he looked cheap and desperate and I simply didn't like it :(
    otherwise a good movie :)

  4. Ha-ha, Anil's entry ruined it? Lol. That description was pretty awesome.
    I can't wait to see it.
    by the way, I am your 100th follower, yaay me :P
    Nice blog.

  5. I know I know I knowww! :D
    I don't care if he's getting old, he's still so freaking HOT.

  6. The Burj Khalifa scene. I'd see it again only for that...


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