Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Driving isn't the only way you learn to swear.

Perspective management. A subject that can make you swear irritatingly while studying to write for its exam.
A subject that makes you swear annoyingly even while you write its exam.
A subject that makes you swear wildly when you are done writing the exam :D
Perspective management ...!@#$%^&

Its strange how I never mentioned our marketing professor. Every girl in our college must be having a crush on him. ( If you happen to take a random sample :P )
This crush was first crushed when we heard he is married. And then it was awfully boiled over on hearing he has a kid too :P
It is not only his sharp face cut and attractive has also a lot to do with HOW he teaches. And I must say..he is quite mind blowing :D
Maybe the only positive I would mention if asked whether I like the college.

IT is very very very unfair  that exams are taking place :
1. during december..the month I love for no reason at all.
2. when seemingly good movies are releasing.
3. missed a couple of  good movies  already ( tin tin!! ) due to the so called PL [ preparational leave ] where no preparation actually happened.
4. ending on 31st.
No time to shop.
So how on earth are you supposed to enjoy a new year's eve party without a sexy dress to wear ?
How on earth are you even supposed to GO to a new year's eve party without a sexy dress to wear ?

OK am digressing..

change the topic.

Its funny how your brain's capacity reacts to varying course content.
If you have to prepare for 2 units automatically keep one for the 11th hour.
But when you have 6 units to finish off at least 3 ..and interestingly quite fast :O

In short. Exams are cruel.

Gotto buy a gift. I suck at gifting. I'm horrendous at buying gifts. Not because I am a miser but because I don't gift  halfheartedly :P
So tomorrow shall began with a gift buying expedition.Searching for the right can be cruel too.


  1. I HATED perspective management, my question is why??? this has to be taught and how can it be taught????

    anyways all the best for the exams and happy gift hunting, I know its a difficult task :)

  2. Jeez!!! I know nothing of these subjects! :s :( .... and I am already a Marketer according to my designation.. lol :P

  3. hold on... :) Rajdhani Express..

    All the best for ur exams...

    ummm hmmm he is leaving, say buhbye with a smile...

  4. Lol at Harshi's comment above! And good luck.

  5. Thank God I'm done with studying..Wish you luck...

    Don't forget to buy a gift for yourself.. :) I gifted myself a classy winter jacket and bag. :P

    Loved your post title..

    Btw,Tintin sucked.

  6. Lol, I've got a chemical reaction engineering subject that makes me wanna swear every time i think of it.

    And I've been having tests/exams since the 10th of december. My final exams start on the 22nd and go on till the 13th of jan.
    Ive not had a christmas or nw year since the year i joined college :/

  7. Hahah aww!
    All the best for your exams.


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