Thursday, June 28, 2012

Yaaaaa dude!

All I needed was a vacation!

How about with free food , free dj party , free accommodation and a bunch of funny crazy people ?!
Add to it - the venue being GOA!

I don't have the right words..I have no words infact to write about the most awesome wedding I've been to. Maybe I'm not very sure how I feel about the whole thing. Its weird that I don't feel weird.
 ( About being back home after having an amazing time and not crying over for missing everything*)

This time in points -

  • Made new friends. Absolutely fantastic people!
  • Danced ( ofcourse) thrice! :  Sufi night. Sangeet night  and pool party
  • Sangeet or DJ night was 'Desi Sunburn' as brat put it. Have never danced so much with live singers. 3 Indian Idol finalist. They sang amazing and the tracks they choose made us all unstopabble. Every time we'd think this is so tiring and now must get off the stage..another kickass track would be played! Freaking awesome.
  • Pool party in a madu wedding is very modern I must say. Lol ..quite questionable. But it was again so much fun! They arranged for rain dance as well. Sexy!
  • The bride was my cousin.Someone I was very close to. But then things change no ? There's still something special about old friendships. All it needs is unison.And I have no opinions what so ever.  Just enjoyed being there. It was her wedding afterall !!
  • The last night of the 3 day wedding..we stayed awake the whole freaking night! Hukah and daru party. One of her friends got so high..she danced alone for an hour. Lol but she is definitely the best dancer I've seen. Totally enjoying to the core and god knows where on earth does she come up with so many different steps!
  • I was the only person who did not cry during vidaaai. I didn't cry even on bubble's wedding. I still don't know why. I mean the whole thing is freaking sentimental plus there was background music to it with dhol and vidaai song. It still didn't hit me. All her friends were sobbing. I was blank.
  • All of us cousins are very cool. And by cool I mean shameless. There's no limit set to cracking non veg jokes. And then since there were also her 'friends' ..there was absolutely no limit. With all the flirting and link ups there were added double meaning comments. Holy shit! Cheesy allright. But funny at the same time.Ridiculous I'd rather say.
  • Before the wedding we all indulged in rigorous dance practice for sangeet. That was another 3 days of full on masti!  With hukah sessions every now and then ;)  
  • Everybody vouches on Brat's chammak challo steps ! :D 
  • K  played my cousin and she is a damn good dancer herself. G as usual was the lead guy.I was the side dancer. I don't like that. lol but I held onto my grumblings. *pats self*
  • Food : 5-star hotels have their own receipes. You generally don't end up liking the usual dishes. But for the continental specially mexican and thai food - it was deliciously delectable along with dulcet desserts!
  • To sum up it was one hell of a  heavenly week! :D Mind blowing fun! Too many memories and jokes to rest upon.
* Now the usual custom is that whenever I spend time with my maternal cousins which is like once in a year and come back to my homeplace - I sob like a kid. I start feeling the vacuum much before I'm to bid goodbye to everyone.
This time it was different. Strange. I didn't get the jitters. I was hardly over -conscious of the fact that I was leaving and that its probably going to be another year before I see everyone.
That odd sick moment hit me only for a second when brat  left a night before we all departed. And thats that.
I surprised myself. How much can I empty myself out , afterall ? :)

I've spent a very very good time that I'll always cherish. I have my own grudges for certain things. But it allright. Its like a peck of dust I'm flicking away. Doesn't stand anywhere against the glitterati.

Btw how could I not mention some of our own 'phrases'
Two of my cousins - Ak and Brat have this habit of saying 'Ya dude' all the time. The 'ya' is pronounced with a jolt. lol
And then Ok is Oooooookaaayyy.
We tease brat - ' wtf man wtf!'  He uses the F word like an article.
Ak cracks the most silliest jokes ever. Whatever it may be..the fact is everybody giggles. So I guess it works. :D

I'm the usual photographer. I make sure I click as much I can. But this time with three SLRs there wasn't much scope left for me :D
I'm waiting for the pictures!
Its killing to be dependent man!
'Man' another word used like a phrase. lol :)

I'd been to bengaluru as well. Superb weather!

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