Saturday, June 9, 2012

One time or ten times. Same diff.


What do you think about ffb ? friends for benefits?


( although I knew what that means I thought he cannot be talking THAT. Nope)

I guess its alright..time pass relation ? 
( An outcome of heartbreak trying to mend by filling in some space , I thought to myself.
Not a bad idea - leaning over to another shoulder for a while to balance it out for you )

As long as it doesn't hurt..its Ok.

No strings attached. I have no feelings for her.

And what about her ?

She has some feelings I guess.

Ok then I will just NOT deceive. 

I told her there's no future to this.
It just happened in a flash.
You do know what I'm talking about right?

( I was a bit taken back. 
Seriously ?)
You mean physical relation ??

Yeah. So what else is ffb then ?

No ..No..yes..I mean I knew what it is..I thought you were saying generally you know..

Nah. Physical relation.

So whats the level ? 
Hugged kissed ? or beyond that.
 ( I asked like he was in kindergarten of physical relations. )

 Do we now have to talk bout the details?

No I don't want any details. I'm asking the level..only then will can I give my valuable inputs.

Lol obviously more than that!! Why would it be an issue then ?

So you want to stop it ?

Don;t know if I really want to stop.

Yah another issue. All wrong things are tempting.

Is that 'wrong?' With the consent of both ?

Ok I won't give the right and wrong crap. I don't think thats a fair way to put it.
Whats unfair is..hurting someone..
Using someone..thats ffb! But if she KNOWS and she's ok with it..

Even she is OK with it.

Then no issue. But you know what ? one of you will eventually get hurt.
It is impossible not to have feelings when you get physically involved.

I know. She would be.

Then she doesn't regard it as ffb for sure.


Its difficult for girls. They are in illusion that they are doing it because they like the guy a lot..and also in the illusion of being liked back which is worse coz that ain't true.
So be clear. Don;t mislead.

 Exactly..the illusion!
She already knows that its going to head nowhere.

Draw a line.


Easier said. You will be creating new lines every time and cross them over too!


So what exactly do you want now?

Everything is ok. Won;t mind hanging around with it for some time.
 Just wanted your inputs.

My inputs : Draw the line ofcourse. 
Don't mislead.
Enjoy while it lasts :D
And yeah..try being friends too..atleast for the person who has feelings for you.
Nobody will be in guilt trap that way.

 You analyzed the whole thing perfectly.
If I have to..I will the end the whole thing on a happy note.


You know long back ...I would tag 'kissing' as unethical too.
But then I time or ten times..same difference :D haha

Lol. Line of the day! One time or ten times...

The girl is the one I always wanted to get physical with.

Mission accomplished ! :D


Whoa! Kaun hai ?

Naam mein kya rakha hai...
( Thats my usual dialogue! grrr!)
Bhawnao ko samjh
( I was wanting to add...there is no 'bhawna/feelings' here. But I let it be.:P)

Fair enough.
There should be a secret element amongst secrets too ;)

Btw... I somehow understand why they would want all to get married earlier.
The hormones are at such peak.Lol


So thats ffb then. No feelings - from atleast one side.
I don;t get it how someone can be only lusting? Even if one doesn;t have feelings initially..they are bound to develop later on.I'm not judging the guy above.But I still find it indigestible.
maybe thats the way all males are - genetically.
They can do away with the most amazing moments emotionless. Raw.

Or maybe I'm in a bunch of overloaded emotions. :D
chuck it.

Line of the day : Kissing. One time or ten times. Same difference.
The line is crossed. Doesn't matter if you go back and cross over again n again... :p


  1. FFB never works. :| Sooner or later one ends up having feelings, and then one gets hurt, the other gets guilty, the friendship is lost (with the very first line crossing that is) and it can never ever be the same again. And in the end you just have to go separate ways because it has become this huge gigantic mess that just cant be undone and nothing can be saved.

    Bottom line, if its a very good friend, no matter how crazy your hormones, do not do it. If it is someone you've just met, what the heck, enjoy while it lasts. True story. :)

    1. I can never be the same again :)


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