Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The noodles we had today , my friend.

In those muddled up talks and mostly thoughts...just like a bowl of noodles , it is good to have someone straighten it out for you. Or well just like for noodles - wrap it neatly around the fork for you to gulp it without any sauce left over your mouth.

It always nice to have a perspective you mistakenly or maybe in your sub conscious mind deliberately ignored to look upon.

Its easier when you can laugh about all the things that otherwise give you hell in solitude.

Its funny how something so serious now seems so stupid -- you wonder why didn't you attempt  taking down that messy noodles out of the bowl and slurp it like a kid.

 And you no more bother about how the leftover sauce could make you look like a joker.
A complete fool.
It can be wiped off :)

The heat is gone.

The thoughts lie cold now.

For the nth time maybe..I might be making an effort to write off..and as I completely assure everytime that its done..we all know there's still something left out.

I need a doze once a while to tweak the remaining shards.

More than that - I need people like you to be around.

Wherein I don't have to explain the complexity in desirable & understandable state.
You would  translate my alien emotions precisely to know what I want to express.

 Saves time ;) :P

Merci beaucoup mon ami :)

( use google now :P You certainly don't know French! :D )


  1. Something is always left out. Isn't it?
    We only fool ourselves. But then, whats what we do best, perhaps. Sigh!

  2. I don't know what to say :(
    The "you would translate.." line, I love that, it's beautiful!

    And hey,I am learning French. :D De rien :]

    @Tales of her and by her.
    @Teenage Babblings


    1. No worries..nothing sad :)

      Enjoy french :)

  3. Wow! 1st time here :) I enjoyed reading this :) LOve the metaphor and your perspective on viewing life :D


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