Sunday, May 27, 2012

I'm committed!


Resumed brisk walking again after what seems like ages.
Its embarrassingly long since I stopped.

Not being able to squeeze 30 mins for yourself is the lamest excuse.

I'm so overexcited about my fitness regime that I'm wanting to do too many things at one go. That;s the whole problem with me..either I do too much or nothing at all! I never quite settle in the between.

So even while I'm walking , I'm also starting over with yoga and medidation.
I'm tired of searching for videos and reading from books for the right posture technique et I've already started looking for a good yoga teacher.

When I was religiously keeping up with my walking sessions..I was happy. I didn't expect any result. I wasn't focused on result. I was just doing it! And it paid off. Because I actually got results.

I was so overjoyed ..that I scrapped the entire program  :P

When I began again - It  made me very result oriented which had a negative impact. I used to get frustrated on not getting results fast.
Again I would scrap the whole plan almost as if giving up.

So now when I'm kicking off to a fresh start ..I'm not expecting or focusing on result. I will just keep doing and keep going on.

There's an added advanatge about working out. The feeling is unchallenged. Its superbly refreshing.

I want to look good. I want to be fit.

Plus I've a fresh motivation.Cousin's wedding at goa :P Gotto look good anyhow!! :D

One year I give to myself. For completely making myself addicted to the most wonderful thing : fitness.


  1. I am inspired :)

    Must copy the goal.. and start working out once the foot heals..

    All the best, Sugar.

  2. Aah I love walking too...and especially in UK the mat of walking one needs to do...u better love walking! :D

  3. expecting results sometimes doesnt get you there, like AT ALL...enjoying it is the key actually...

    thanks for this one, needed it, at this point of life!! :)


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