Saturday, May 5, 2012

'I like you!' NO WAY! :D

'I like you' is a killer statement.
One of the most confusing and ambiguous thing for someone to hear.
Too many questions.

So you like me as in just plain simple like me without me having to read between lines ?


You like me and you want to take that to love me and furthur more ..getting to know better etc etc ?


You like me and you just want to indulge in some harmless or harmful flirting for a while ?


You like me and you want me to like you back exactly the same way ??


You like me and that is just a white lie you're blurting to sugarcoat in order to deceive me into falling for you whereas you are only playing around ?


You like me enough to kiss me and put a full stop right there ?


You like me as a friend ..the best kind of like me and that you care for me , you are there for me no matter what ?


You like me ..and you are just saying that for the heck of it!

So what kind of 'like you' do you like me ? ;)

..Sounds rather simple and easy , no ? -- In normal non-analytical state that is!

But when you know something  - why not know it in its perfect version?

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  1. Hahahaha, so I'm not the only one!! =P
    This, we should make every human being read this =\
    Coz sometimes I feel I'll come as a dork & I just keep wondering and wondering and wonder..ahem, you get the picture!


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