Thursday, May 24, 2012

I drive diesel :P

I've let google hijack me with only one topic in last couple of hrs : the fuel price hike.

And have read several articles here and there about the opposition and of the justification.

On the onset the marginal hike is 'too much'. Certainly.

But given to the rupee drop..and the current account deficit - the price hike is justified!

I gave a presentation on the present scenario of Indian economy only two months back.
Had discussed with bro about the hows and whys of inflation while making the presentation , where I actually for the first time understood how it works - sans the bookish knowledge.

So my opinion  on the price hike was positive.

I'm not fully aware if there are other options which the government had.
And ofcourse...the government isn't a fool. They know what they are doing!

Yes it will impact the inflation which only managed to get a little better this year.
And we've gotto bear the brunt of it.

I confess I do not fully understand the cycle - in an analytical way covering all aspects.

-- but for now..I can smug.
I drive a diesel car :P


  1. I FINALLY agreed with my husbands long ongoing rant about why we should get a diesel car. His eyebrows raised, eyeballs popping "I TOLD YOU SO" look was quite funny! :P


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