Sunday, November 13, 2011


It could have been an ultimate kickass film had it stuck to the main theme.
While it essentially states that every great artist has gone through ( and so must go through )  lot of pain enabling him to pour down all his passion - the movie should have ideally been about love , pain and music.
It turned out to be about an inexplicable version of love , pain from the same and music too although the former two not being the main reason for the same ( music ) or so it seemed.

Because jordan ( ranbir kapoor ) already becomes quite a hit even before he could feel the pain of love
and when he does...his image is spiraled in a perplexed web.

The first half is extremely enjoyable. For its craziness , punch lines and the humor.

The second half is disappointing.

It is still a very different movie. Not typical bollywood. Interesting and shows you the kind of love you haven't seen or heard of , before.

Ranbir Kapoor has given a remarkable performance. And Nargis has played her part very well for a newcomer.

I wish it weren't so vague in the latter half.

The music is superb!

I guess the best is to not interpret this somehow doesn't make a lot of sense -- something's missing but it portrays a wonderful dimension of an overtaking emotion - love and loss.


  1. I liked the movie. it left me disturbed. :)
    But will watch it again! Story had huge loopholes. My 8 yr old niece was the first one to say 'is heroine ko bilkul acting nahi aati' for Nargis :D

  2. I guess it has recd mixed reviews. I wanna see it. :)

    I can't stop listening to 'tum ho'..beauuuuuutttiiifuuull

  3. Last time I saw 'Zindagi na mile ge dobara' after reading your blog post and I fell in 'hate' with that movie :P so thing movie will turn out to be :P But i'll watch now.

  4. I still have to watch it so I will reserve my opinion till then.. by the way i saw Tin Tin this weekend and sort of liked it :) :)

  5. I liked the movie and feel this is the best of Ranbir so far!!


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