Friday, November 18, 2011

beach & beer

What happens in Goa stays in Goa. The hangover carries over though :P

I had visited Goa verbally infinite times. Every single person in my life has been there. So when I had heard SO much about it..I was a little worried it might turn out to be over hyped.
I'm glad I was wrong.

Because this place lives to its exact expectations and maybe even more.

I got drunk crazy for the first time. Got a high ..and I must say , the feeling is incredible :D
It took 4 vodka shots to make me tipsy ; I couldn't walk straight and I grooved to the music , not just danced ;)

We even went to Curlies , a place famous for doping :P
The trance music and 2 tequila shots with hukah made this partying evening a very different experience as well.

BAGA beach is awesome. Lined up with shacks and a stream of candle lights..the beach is beautiful at night.

I'm unable to express this short trip in words ... guess the best way to say it is that it was kickass :P

Been to the flea market as well. But didn't have time to shop. Instead enjoyed being over the beach all day long :) with beer and more beer :P

Its certainly not hyped. Goa is the best place to be at.Best place to party.

If you haven't been to Goa , well you haven't been to goa :P


  1. Do not you know hukah is bad for health and doping

    Bad sin

  2. The above comment is not by me.

    I have been to Goa and the place is awesome. But it is midly over-hyped. Yep.

    For me who doesn't drink, it is merely a place for scenic beauty, partying and enjoying/relaxing for some time.

    No idea what extra people feel after getting high.

  3. Goa is fun, especially when it's off season.. less crowd,..
    and the cheapest liqour offcourse, can't be beaten! Hehe, the pics are good enough to put one in a mood :)


  4. wowwwwww..the pics say it all.ive been longing to plan is just not working out...

    yeah..baga beach is heavenly..i absolutely love it..i can spend the entire day at the beach..the feeling is just awesome..

    seriously, Goa rocks!

    lol@ crazy drunk...

  5. Goa is most fun if the company is great.. people who dance and drink and fun... thats what makes the experience worth it :)
    And its good to get wasted every once in a while :) :)

  6. - Anonymous
    Having hukah occassioanly is harmless.
    And I don't do drugs. I just wanted to see the people who do it! :P

    - Abhinav
    Hi! :)
    Hehe..I don't drink either. Just wanted to try once and I enjoyed it :P
    As such you don't feel anything 'extra' after getting high..but it sure is something that one must experience once :D

    - Aakash
    Even weekdays weren't so crowded. But yah off season you get to enjoy staying at 5 star hotels :)

    - Swats
    am still in goaa world :P Can't wait to go again :)

    - Purvi
    Any place on earth is rocking if you have a great company..and then if its goa..its heavenly! :D
    Seriously need a little fun company for goa. Am happy I got one :D

  7. ??!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!
    I returned back from a week long stay in Goa just yesterday and opened up Blogger to post about it!!!! whoa! :D

  8. Well...I have never been to Goa. :D
    High time..I go there.. ;)

  9. I love Goa coz of its sheer vibrancy and laid back feel...will go there when i go to India next time. :)

  10. Sigh!! *jealous* this post reminds me of my long pending trip to Goa..

    Must find time.. Must!

  11. I have been to Goa once, with family. So it doesn't count :D

    Only worthy things I did there was water sporting and Dolphin watching, besides being on the beach all day :)

  12. I soo wanna go there and get tipsy too:) One day hopefully!!:) Went there as a kid...but well, "AS A KID" :P..haha...and so agree with ur last lines.!:)


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