Sunday, November 27, 2011

Extinct theories.

Some concepts don't exist or hold strong ground anymore.

- Platonic love
For someone who believed in platonic love ..lust or as soberly termed 'expression of love' has scalped all such beliefs.

- best buddies do not fight.
They do.
They should not..but they do.
And the fight is usually a brutally cold argument.
Ego is a parasite.

-  Perfect families.
There is no such thing as that.
It might be a by-product of a broken divided family. But then , can you call THAT a  'perfect' family ??

-  Almost everyone hurts you.
Nope. You get hurt , all by yourself.
Cannot go around blaming 'everyone'

-  Love people and they will love you back.
Nature doesn't provide such law.
You cannot force someone to love you back. No matter how many millions you love them.


  1. I agree completely but then I am not bothered much because thats how life is :)

  2. Platonic love is all bullcrap

  3. Hmm...

    I would like to read a follow-up post to this one, 3 yrs down the line. I am sure things will change again.

    I agree with the last 2 for now.. I am still living the first 3 illusions... :)

  4. I laughed at the family one.
    Nice post.


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