Monday, September 27, 2010

"We're the blackberry boys"

We wear cool suits
We wear shiny shoes.
We're the blackberry boys.
We're special we're clever
We're very very special.
We're the blackberry boys.

We do chat
And we do mail
We do surf
We do all on the move.
Cos we're the blackberry boys
Oh yeah. We're the blackberry boys!

:D  I love this Vodafone ad! ( bb prepaid )
 Looks like the trend of creating snazzy ads for the various services provided by telecom service providers is catching up a lot recently. And this ad just hits right on! Perfect. :D

Oh and I'm not the blackberry girl!
I bought Nokia x6 instead of bb curve. Not regretting much. Nokia loyalist. Can't help it.


  1. yeah quite an interesting ad...even though i m not enamored by the bb wave, the ad has a high recall value for sure. :)

  2. blackberry i think is just a show off...
    i was actually lusting for bb curve until my frnd got it and i realized there's not much features in there...
    i'd love motorola, but my dad wouldn't let me have 1...he says i wouldnt get a good resale value...:P
    like that even matters.
    he reckons i'm gonna break my cellphones very fast which is totally absurd, mind you!

  3. I am not a BB fan but this ad is definitely catchy. Shows what it wants to show and succeeds! :) Liked it!

  4. :) i'm completely into BB n this ad adds an extra punch it...

  5. I don't even have a Blackberry and this song is stuck in my head for 4 hours after i see this advertisement!

    Nokia loyalist that I am, I bought an E72 over all the BBs. How i wish Nokia came up with something like this! :)


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