Saturday, September 11, 2010

Da Bang.

Riot of a movie! No story line...even if there is just wait for it to take off somewhere but it doesn't - and yet it perfectly manages to  entertain.
Thriving upon its ridiculous dialogues and Star power.. i.e Salman Khan..the movie comes as a fresh breeze after a couple of dull weeks at the box office.
Awesome music.
And an awesome Khan.
Salman is unarguably one of the most handsome actor in Bollywood.
And his charm comes oozing out in this movie.
Spontaneous & dashing - he steals the show!
He is the sole reason why one should go watch this movie.

Nothing intellectual to expect out of this melodrama either ..pure entertainment!

Nonsense that makes you giggle :D

I'm not much into these kind of movies..but somehow am glad I saw this one!
Salman is back with a Bang! DaBangg ;)


  1. Hehehheh looks like paisa vasool stuff.. anyways, no one expects intelligent stuff from Salman ;)

  2. ha ha sounds like fun! Will watch it.


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