Monday, September 13, 2010

'Heavy' weekend.

We folks work upon a different calender. Our Rakshabandhan is always celebrated a day after Ganesh Chaturthi. So we happened to bask in the celebration  for the second time ( had already conducted the ceremony during the mathura trip )

It was an awesome weekend I've had .. we all have had.
Ate like a glutton .Felt like my stomach would explode about at any moment!
So it started off Friday night when we all went for the movie Dabang with my family. Got to spend more time with bhabhi! ( bhaiya got married just about 2 months back & came down hometown only now after the wedding )

Saturday we sisters got our much due party from my 2nd elder brother! He switched his job from the Bank to Reliance obviously getting a higher package! So we were not going to let it go just like that.We were hellbent on not doing away with his excuses. And finally..we got our dinner treat!

Went to Ten Downing Street & had mouth watering pasta along with the dinner.
Since all our pestering was for dinner treat along with cad-b , my bro wouldn't let it go away either.So despite the heavy dinner..and all of us already nagging about the fact that we won't able to eat anything more - we were taken to cad-b for the chocolate milkshake!! I mean at this point I would have ideally puked but then it was chocolate & no matter what - 'I' always have sufficient space & appetite for chocolate ice cream / milkshake.Had cad -b.And it was yum! I felt like I must have put on half a kg by then.
I wonder what it was like with my younger sister whom I often call 'Sugar Free' because she abhors eating sweets , ice reams etc! lol Poor her :P

Sunday was the day to get richer :P And maybe for that matter - even healthier! ( not the fit healthy..the fat healthy ) Ate a lot again.. lunch with special marwari dishes that are heavy enough to be equivalent to eating food for 2 days! But that was just the main course. Sweets are an indispensable part of any fest - whether you happen to be into the category of my sugar free sister or the rest of us :P And so it began. With rasgulla and laddu! This is the first time I didn't quite enjoy sweets. Too much of sweet just leaves you sour :O  And again , I must mention I feel bad for my sugar free sis :P  She was so badly forced to eat the laddu :D lol

Coming to the part where we got bro & bhabhi gifted us snazzy tees.It didn't fit me.I knew it wouldn't.Not after all that food & sweets we had in 2 days. ( Ok how didn't fit me because I'm on the healthier side since like a couple of months :P )
My other cousin brothers gave us money. And my younger bro has promised to gift me a Blackberry phone. And if I tell anyone that I already have plans not to get it - all of them are going to kill me! Its been like 2 months I'm trying to figure out which cell to buy. My Nokia has already gone through what I call "plastic surgery" because I've had to use ticso tapes to put the backside cover firm.Currently even the keypad is paralyzed. And yet I wouldn't buy a cell phone because I'm CONFUSED.

I wonder if I'll ever decide what to get .I'm in so much dilemma that I prefer my old distraught battered cell which is lame. Avadh remarked that I wasn't getting married to think so much :P lol
I've been pointing out at least one flaw with each & every option I've been given so far. What to do..there's no prefect phone out there ! And if there is one - its out of my budget , by default!
Ok before any of them rushes out to kill me..I'd better just go & get something!
Hopefully. Wish me luck!


  1. Hey didi! the blog is superb...i jus relived the fun filled weekend :)
    i too am feeling bad for our sugar free babe ;) poor thing...i dnt think she will even look at sweets for sometime now..lolz..
    cheers to more such awesome weekends followed by ur gr8 blogs!

  2. Good to know tht u had a gr8 time. :) I too had a wonderful weekend.

  3. hw thoughtful of u 2 mention my ws al juzzzz 2 much 4 me!!!seriously we relivd d whole thing.....btw wen r u gettin d cell ....get it soon...or seroiusly i might kill u!!!:P

  4. he he he...yes we marwaris are have good eating habbit

  5. WOW!!

    That sounds like sooooooooooo much fun!


    Hope you get your Blackberry phone.. and yes, Marwari food is YUMM YUMMM!!



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