Saturday, April 5, 2014

Punjabi wedding!

I'm finding it hard to blog these days. Even if it meant writing about the super duper surprised filled best birthday ever! But later on that. The current sizzling event was my lovely friend's wedding :D
And we all know how much fun weddings are!

I have usually attended only marwadi weddings. So being in a Punjabi wedding was a different experience altogether. And I must mention..I am totally in love with Punjabis. Extremely friendly & jolly people plus very  good looking :P
I have learned to speak a little Punjabi too and its fun!

I am gonna miss my friend a lot! Statically she's the one with I have probably had the most fights with but sometimes you share such an amazing bond with some people.. that despite all the run downs..your friendship remains intact and only grows with time! Moreover when a friend gets married and goes realize their importance to no end. :/ :(

I still can't believe Luvza is married! I mean hello ?! It all happened a bit too fast. And since the time she got engaged ( 4 months back ) we've all been wayyy too excited for her wedding :D

While the bride was mostly busy applying and removing makeup,  we friends enjoyed with the family.
 And ofcourse the eye candies around us :P
 Its so weird the bride and groom are the ones that are tired the most.. I mean the ones getting married should be given a chance to enjoy it :P

I am not a photo person. As in I usually refrain form putting pictures on blog , albums on fb etc.
 But this is a major event of my life. And given to my lack of writing - I will just let the pictures speak a thousand words ;)

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  1. My best friend got married and I could not make it.... YES I COULD NOT!
    Reading this made me think of it!


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