Sunday, February 23, 2014

Your battle.

A thought can change your heart.  A thought can change everything about your life. And eventually we majorly are amidst a conflict of our own or somebody else's suggested thoughts. How much do we let that influence us ?

I've suffered mentally & emotionally  a lot by giving too much energy ,  time and importance to things and people and emotions that were pointless. It was a traffic congestion   in my thought world. And no amount of denying , fighting or accepting things / situation was helping.         
All I needed was a change of heart.
A change of thought.              
And when it happened... I was amused how much I'd let my other opinions and beliefs  dominate my energy. Its like I just switched off few brain cells ownin those thoughts.
And am all good. Relaxed. Calm.

Of course there were other factors that aided my heart change :  situation , acceptance , forgiveness. Albeit very time consuming.    
But I'd have never gotten out of this if I hadn't changed my mind. And like a friend says..everyone has to fight their own inner battle.

Ultimately I also feel you probably have to go through that process. Of hurtfulness. Of hatred. Of resentment. Of trying hard to hold onto things . Of not adjusting to the change.     
But being there for too long is dreadful. Somebody has to pull you out. YOU have to pick yourself out of the mess. You have to change your heart !

How bad can get it ?

There's nothing to loose.
When you did not belong in the first place.

I shatter.  And I glue myself.  I break more. And I glue again.
Sometimes I don't even bother.
I let myself remain wounded.
Forbearing ?

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