Saturday, October 19, 2013

Scent & city.

Have you felt the scent of a new place ? Its as if every city carries its own fragrance.
 And with every one step more into it , every one second more that you spend with starts becoming of you.
Travel in the locals. Unknown roads. Use the maps.
Feel the air. Feel the rush. Feel the scent.
And sooner you begin to feel you own the place.
You fall in love with an absolutely unknown place.

Have you ever got attached to an unknown person ? To someone you haven't even spoken to.
Occasional eye contacts and a smile. Something about that person makes you wanna talk to them.
It may not be significant but somehow you develop a silent camaraderie.
And maybe its not the person. Its the situation. Of missing the chance to speak at least once and of never having another chance.
Eventually you tend to carry warm memories of absolute strangers in unknown territories you will never meet again.

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  1. Now 'WOW' is all I got to say. Btw thank you for making me learn a new word 'Camaraderie'


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