Thursday, July 26, 2012

The legend ends. Really ?

Most of our superheros  have a dark side.
But a big heart. Which is to say they are still very HUMAN.

And there's something about superhero movies.
 No filmmaker has the heart to kill them.

So the legend ends. The terrific legend ends but our hero doesn't die.

We connect with movies at such uber level ( specially fantasy / sci-fi ) that we feel like we're losing someone when we know our favorite superhero isn't immortal.

Powerful meaningful dialogues in The Dark Knight rises. 

Enough said.


  1. Everyone's been raving about this film and I hadn't seen this yet. Must do. I like the way you keep your posts so crisp and easy to blend in with. You make readers feel interested and disappointed that you've ended the post too soon. Nice style.

    1. You ought to see this movie! Its fantastic!

      As for ending the post too soon..I haven't been able to write at all these days. Tried too hard to even scribble a few lines :)

  2. Hey there... its been a long long time since I stopped by.... how are you????

    I have not seen this movie because surprisingly it has not yet released here in UAE :(

    1. Hey! Am about you ?? Saw the pics of your Leh trip! Spectacular!
      Hows your work going ??

      Whoa..quite strange the movie isn't released there yet! Watch it asap!


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