Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dancing in the moonlight.

I don't understand how you can smile all day long
but cry yourself to sleep.

How pictures never change
but people in them do.

How forever turns into a few short months
that you'd do almost anything to get back..

How you can let go certain things you once said
you cannot live without..

How even though you know something is best for you
it hurts just the same..

How the smell of some person stays with you forever
even when they are gone!

-- I didn't write this. A friend forwarded the above message. Most of the people I forwarded it to asked me if I wrote it. It was amusing the kind of response I got.

Z : what happened to you ? we are not made like this! Oh God..the college should resume asap! Nams is getting spoiled ;)

RS : Keep smiling. Whatever it is that is making you upset..just forget it.Pleaseee :)

K : class! You wrote ?!
I said I wish I did.
He said in that case you'd have to fall in love and then have a breakup :P

VB : Kya baat hai! Touched my heart! :)

SK :  100% You're in Looooove :P :P

Whoa! I myself found the message to strike a chord. Specially the last part of it.
But but..I did not write it :D

And let me admit..I've been quite a sucker for these sentimental messages and quotes. The ones that tug your heartstrings you know!
When Z and K nudged me a little to carry on the conversation about relationships - I just had one thing to say. I find it exhausting.

I find it exhausting to fall in love.
To get to know someone. Understand them. Start caring for them. Expect them to understand you back. Think they like you.Fall for them ( misjudge ). All that permutation and combination.
Its tiring.

For me - having a crush  these days in itself is equivalent to having some eye candies around! Full stop.

I feel like I have no heart left.
Nothing affects me.And I'm Ok with it.
We all have our share of disappointments and broken trusts.
The good thing is I'm not crying over it.Or atleast I'm done hurting.
I realized that the whole point is not to keep too many expectations regardless of who the other person is! That way you cut out all the extra emotional attachment.
Not like you shouldn't enjoy the friendship. Just cut out all that stupid crap.

* Working out madly. Eating healthy food. And focusing only on ME.
Everybody else has taken a backseat.


  1. i loved the way you began...the first few lines were mind blowing!!!!
    most people in today's world say things for the heck of you mentioned "something you cant live without"... promises are jus words and so are claims...never fall for them, you would end up getting badly hurt...

  2. Apparently you did not read the whole post.
    The first few lines are not written by me. Its a forward message sent by a friend - I've mentioned :)

    And you're and promises are very deceptive.


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