Friday, February 11, 2011

Coke Studio & Strings

I've always had a thing for Sufi music. There's something so powerful & magical about the flow of this great genre that it touches not just your heart  , but also your soul. If there;s anything at all EVERYBODY on earth relates with , loves no matter where it comes from - it is music!
And Sufi , folk & classical music ; for me  just takes the cake!

I'm glad I was introduced to Coke studio + Strings! They've delivered some of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard and always have been craving to hear. How on earth did I not know about these all this time ?? :O

 Current Addiction :

1] Nahi Ray Nahi

2]  Titliyaan

3] Aankhon K sagar

4] Jal Pari

5] Khamaaj

Awesome , aren't they ??

I'm on my exploring spree now.

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