Saturday, August 14, 2010

Just be there.

I am one of the most short tempered person I know of !
My sisters - who happen to be my most favorite people on earth - are way opposite to me.

I've never seen any of them whine , crib or cry .I've never seen them turn pesky over little things.They get along with whatever there is , with whoever there is to deal with.
And they always manage to have that big smile on their face.

It made me really think about myself. Why can't I learn to be calm  ?
Am pretty sure I'll live a 'smiling life' myself if I adopt their qualities.

The good part is that - they adjust with what I am.They have always been extremely supportive and one of the reasons for a smile on my face :)
I'm able to express my opinion to them without any inhibitions , without any fear.
They NEVER judge me.And that's what makes everything much more simpler.
I love them. And I want us to have that same relation and rapport that we share for the rest of our lives.
We are more like friends , after all.

I'm closer to them than mom.

In fact , I do not remember the last time I hugged mom or the last time mom hugged me.

Whereas ,  we just hugged last week.
Tugs my heart. Thanks for being there.


  1. Wow, that's great. It's good to have such people around. :)

  2. wow...dis was smthin really touchin...well we r so good even we were nt knowin ...luv ya ...muahhh ....hugggzzz....isliye itna pyaar baras raha tha na do din tak..alwyzz der 4 u..& to hear ur top secrets..we luv dem...but we wont be able 2 ever answer ur weekly Q." Am i lookin fat???"...srry 4 dat!!!! we meet every week almost...hahaha..:P:D <3...we luv u as u r ...dnt change much!!!! 3:)

  3. sisters are the best!! a very sweet post..


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