Wednesday, December 3, 2014


The thing is sometimes some energies / feelings are so wasted - you cannot make pickle out of them.
( In my mother tongue I say - Ye feeling ka acchar dalu kya ?? :p )

So we wait for some things to end. Anticipating pain does not lessen it though.

Then there's always that emptiness.

So when a person comes back into your life after a long time with all the apology drama and all - and you let them in. Its a disaster in disguise.

Forgiveness is a tool we use to make peace with ourselves.

But giving another chance knowingly running into the blind.

It feels like its not worth having those feelings.
You cannot contain them with you.

And therefore some memories should remain where they are.
 Tweaking them  can only create problems again.

Why open old wounds ?

There is no point in holding back to moments you once let go.


  1. Yeah I'm afraid to say....Should I ? or ....I shouldn't ? Hmmmmmmm Ok ! :P
    So it should be only something ? ummmm Ok. What ever.....;)

    Indeed its very complicated.
    I've always been attracted to the words which express feelings which are far more elaborated and deeper than their actual literal meanings.

    There will always be certain few circumstances in life where you just need to use your brain alone.
    And for everything else you should tag along your heart as well. ;)
    Life indeed can be very beautiful only if you know how to look at it :)

    P.S. PICKLE....???? :D (Only if we can put feelings into achaar---Yes literally !)

    1. Haha. Firstly..hello to you too :P

      If only we knew when not to use our heart .
      And yes that's true..perspective is what makes all the difference.

      Btw do you not blog ? I can't find the link on your blogger profile.

    2. Hey :)...
      That's true. For some people it's like next to impossible and they are like rare jewels in this world.

      And no I don't blog. Instead I'd love to read all those wonderful words out there and to identify the writers through those words.


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