Sunday, June 30, 2013


Its funny how things evolve. I won't say 'change' because thoughts and things and people just 'evolve' over time. They're very much the same at core. And anything that you share with them will probably remain the same too despite all tsunami the relation might have gone through.
Its just time and situations that really change.

And this evolution is ridiculous in itself.
Because all of your notions and resistance , all of your theories , judgements and so-called experiences  fail.
You come to peace with what you have to deal with ..only after you've adapted the evolution.

Lesson for  this quarter ?

Distance is very healthy. It makes you wiser.
It gives you space - to breathe , to settle , to be you.

Sometimes it makes things better. Like it brings back lost friendship.

And sometimes it helps in putting an end with few without making much effort or in other words without hurting yourself in the process.


  1. I too believe that distance is healthy. It makes you more mature and in relationships, a lot wiser. Keep writing:)

  2. Nice... :)
    I like the way u keep it simple in ur words....
    Well put...


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