Friday, November 14, 2008

Factor : Greed to Read

# The Kite Runner
Writing style : Excellent
Theme : Redemption, kids , Afghanistan, Kites
Plot : Interesting.
Sub plots : Quite thrilling , predictable at times too.
I could tell Hassan is Amir's step bro.
I could tell Rahim Khan sends Amir Afghanistan not just to bring Sohrabh back to Pak but to take him to America.
I could also somehow tell the man keeping Sohrabh is Asef, the villain.
So with those expectations in mind , I wasn't on tenterhooks & so didn't find the novel too thrilling.But I loved it for its theme , redemption most of all.It felt more like reading a classic than novel.The author is immensely expressive.

The movie based on the same novel is a huge disappointment.Firstly , they shelved most of the story.And thats fair enough because you cannot put everything into a 2 hour movie.The biggest loophole was the fact that the most dramatic & momentous moments weren't shot that well.Like the love-at-first-sight scene , the protagonist's encounter with the villain . At least that could have been much better !The kite flying scenes were good taking you up in the air along with kites & giving a bird eye view of Afghanistan's crazy kite fancy.The star cast was ditto of what I imagined while reading the novel , not fully but for the major characters except for the villain.He didn't look dangerous , there were no green eyes , no kind of grin on his face ..& yes the beard looked too fake ...wonder why he was chosen for that role anyway ?? I always vouch for villains , they are supposed to be larger-than-life figures doing their part better than the protagonist/hero.But this movie did not have that element tch tch !

# Windmills of the Gods
Sidney Sheldon
Writing Style : Its Sidney Sheldon , sir !
Theme : Suspense , Political
Plot : !?!!?! ....Let that be suspense !!
Sub plots : I could figure out one or two things much before the climax , rest is suspense baby !

I don't know if I liked it or not.Maybe I did.Not very much. But a little ? Yeah I did like it!
Probably only for Mike Slade.I like mysterious characters. :P

# Lee Iaccoca's Autobiography
Breath-taking! Wonder how he survived through all those times! I didn't quite understand every technical part , but for the most of it - it was amazing!
A must... for car lovers ,
to-be-businessmen /women
Mechanical engineers or any engineer for that matter,
& a definite must for everyone who talks of struggle & pressure with work. Some lesson to learn.

Its time to move onto reading other books .I had put brakes on reading novels because someone made me realize that its a waste of time , it however was too hard to digest & so I resumed reading 'em.
But I better continue reading books that really matter.
Got to finish off Awaken the Giant Within & The Secret. Am half way through both of them.
Tony Buzan's Mind Map book , Use your Memory.
Six Thinking Hats by Edward De Bono.

If tomorrow comes [ Sidney Sheldon ] is lying on my desk too.What do I do ? lol

Currently Reading : Tuesdays with Morrie

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